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Event Management Made Easy

ascrion event technology helps you to save time and money when organising your events. Our modern and simple to use technology will delight your participants. 

Powerful Event Administration

Manage your event easily. Profiles with various responsibilities, permissions, and roles enable you to align specific tasks to the members of your event team. 


Simple Creation of Event Websites

Easily design appealing event websites. Our form and website builders and multiple widgets support the creation of informative pages.

Intuitive Participant Management

Keep track of your participants in every phase of the event. Find single participants or participant groups via powerful filters and contact them.

Targeted Communication

Keep your participants informed via specific mailings and notifications. Dozens of mail templates will help you to do so.

Meeting Time Slots

Create single or sets of meeting time slots with just a few clicks. You can offer different meeting durations at the same event, e.g. standard and speed meetings. 

Payment and Ticketing

Use our professional and secure payment system to sell your tickets and to monetize your event. Our payment tool offers various payment methods.

Your Participants will Love your Event

Event Website and Conference Program

Create beautiful event websites without any IT skills. Integrate widgets (e.g. image slider, twitter, maps, …) and modules (e.g. program, news, sponsors, …) for a better event experience.


Your event program will be clearly presented, and your participants can easily integrate parts of it into their personal agenda.

Informative Search Result Lists

Concise and clearly structured participant, organisation, and marketplace lists provide a detailed overview on the expertise, needs, offers and requests of all participants. Our simple and advanced search helps your participants to find promising meeting partners without wasting their time.

Meetings can be requested from the participants list, messages can be sent, interesting participants, organisations, and marketplace items can be bookmarked.

Powerful Profiles

Profiles specifically tailored to the needs of your event enable a meaningful description of participants, organisations, and their offers and requests

Our structured search term indices offering single/multi-level and single/multi select features can be customised to create powerful profiles and to facilitate targeted searches.

Automatic and Manual Scheduling of Meetings

Based on their meeting availability, participants can arrange meetings with just one click. ascrion matchmaking automatically or manually determines the appropriate meeting date and time and informs the meeting partners via e-mail and notification about the place, date, and time of their meeting.

Individual Agenda

Our agenda tool enables your participants to create an individual agenda. All scheduled and re-scheduled meetings will be automatically listed in their agenda. Besides meetings and parts of the event program, other participant activities like breaks can be integrated in the agenda which can be downloaded (PDF) with just a click.

Via the button “Meeting Details” the participants get to the Meeting Foyer where they can find all important information about their meeting, a meeting specific chat, and the opportunity to select their favourite meeting technology.

Mailings and Notifications


An internal messaging system ensures simple and direct communication between your participants before, during, and after the event. As an organiser, you can reach out to your participants at any time using various pre-defined mailing templates or by writing new e-mails.

Several mailings and notifications will be sent automatically directly after specific participant activities, others can be sent whenever you want. Dozens of placeholders help you to write meaningful e-mails.

The right Format for Every Event

ascrion enables you to organise time and cost saving digital, physical, and hybrid events. We offer different event packages for webinars, networking events, consultant days, and any kind of other events.

Online Meeting Raum_Juli_19_eng.png

Digital matchmaking events enable your participants to get in touch with promising prospects on a global scale in a time and cost-efficient way without having to leave their office..

Meeting partners meet in secured online meeting rooms. They can communicate via VoIP, video calls, and chat. Uploaded presentations can be presented live or the screen sharing mode can be used to present whatever they want to show.

ascrion onsite Brokerage

As the organiser of classic trade fairs, conferences, and workshops, you define an area equipped with tables and chairs where your participants can meet face-to-face. Of course, other meeting points can also be defined (e.g. poster/catering area, exhibition stands). ascrion matchmaking manages all these areas autonomously.

Digital Events

Physical Events

Hybrid Events


We would be happy to organise 

with you your own event!

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