Would you like to offer your event participants a unique B2B brokerage service to help them to efficiently establish new and maintain existing contacts?

ascrion Brokerage

Efficient, target-oriented, economical

Whether for classic on-site events (trade fairs, conferences, conventions, ...) or innovative online brokerage events, the ascrion brokerage service enables your participants to network efficiently before, during and after each event.

Our brokerage service is characterised by:

  • A high degree of interactivity

  • Detailed profiles about experts, organisations and offers/requests

  • Intelligent search technologies

  • Ease of use

With ascrion Brokerage we set up the brokerage platform for you, customised for your event. Based on the specific requirements of your event, we enable your participants to quickly find, contact and meet relevant, targeted contacts. Your success as an organiser is enhanced by the contacts made through ascrion Brokerage
You increase the success of your participants and increase the acceptance and awareness of your events.
A win-win situation for all partners.

ascrion Brokerage offers event organisers:

  • A brokerage event website: Ready to go

  • Placement of their logos, images and content

  • A comprehensive introduction to the service

  • Simple handling of the brokerage services
    (No programming skills required.)

Learn more about our solution and the event procedure!

Our Solution

Event website: Ready to go

ascrion completely sets up the website of your brokerage event with your design elements and content so that you can focus on other important activities of your event. You can make changes to the finished website yourself easily at any time without any programming knowledge. 

ascrion Brokerage landing page
ascrion Brokerage participants list

Participants list 

A concise and clearly structured list of participants gives your guests a detailed overview of the other event participants in the run-up to the event.

Meetings can be requested from the participants list, messages can be sent and interesting participants be saved as "favourites".

Powerful profiles

Profiles specifically tailored to the needs of your event enable a meaningful description of participants, organisations, offers and requests

Precisely tailored and structured classifications (search term indices) adapted to the event topic facilitate the presentation of and search for highly specific information.

ascrion Brokerage profile
ascrion Brokerage schedule meetings

Schedule meetings made easy

Based on their previously defined availability for meetings, participants can arrange meetings with just one click. ascrion Brokerage automatically determines the appropriate meeting date and informs the meeting partners via e-mail about the place and time of the meeting.

Mailings & Notifications


An internal notification system ensures simple and direct communication between your participants. As an organiser, you can reach your participants at any time and thus provide them with targeted information and event news.

ascrion Brokerage mailings and notifications

The right brokerage format for every event

ascrion Brokerage enables you to organise time and cost saving online brokerage events and classic onsite brokerage events.

Online Meeting Raum_Juli_19_eng.png

Online brokerage events enable your participants to get in touch with new contacts on a global scale in a time and cost-efficient way without having to leave their own office.

The meeting partners meet in ssl-secured online meeting rooms. They can communicate via VoIP, video calls and chat. Uploaded presentations can be presented live or the screen sharing mode can be used to present whatever needs to be shown.

ascrion onsite Brokerage

As organiser of classic trade fairs, conferences and workshops, you define an area equipped with tables and chairs where your participants can meet face-to-face. Of course, other meeting points can also be defined (e.g. poster / catering area, exhibition stand). ascrion Brokerage manages all these areas autonomously.

Online Events

Onsite Events

Event Timeline

The professional preparation of a brokerage event is of great importance for the success of the event (e.g. the number of participants and meetings). This requires time. Therefore, please contact us three months before your planned event.
Together we can determine your requirements and adapt the brokerage service according to your needs.


ascrion Brokerage supports you in all brokerage-relevant steps so that you can focus on all the other tasks to make your event a success.

Weeks until your event starts


Procurement and project planning




Setup of event website, start of registration


Support and management of participants


Your Event



Feedback and event reports

End of project

Closing of the platform