Would you like to promote the communication and collaboration between experts within your community? ascrion Community offers a modern online technology customised to your needs.

ascrion Community

Specific, informative, interactive

ascrion Community enables you to operate your own specific social network that can be adapted to your needs. The community technology helps you to actively promote  communication, knowledge transfer and social interaction in your community. Communication tools like chat, VoIP, video calls and screen sharing support interactive and vibrant communication amongst community members. Ease of use ensures that everybody can use it.


ascrion Community

  • is developed for experts from academia and industry

  • can be easily customised

  • is linked to an innovative b2b brokerage platform 

  • enables highly specific searches

  • provides dedicated tagging systems

  • is GDPR-compliant and servers are located in Europe

Let us help you to set up and administer a state of the art communication and collaboration platform for your community.

Interested? Learn more about the features of the ascrion Community.

Our Solution

Meaningful Profiles

Dedicated profiles created especially for your online community enable your community members to present their expertise and all the content they have published on the community in an appealing way.


By means of specifically integrated classifications (community-specific keywords) community members can classify themselves in a highly structured manner. This ensures that they and the content they have published can be easily found through simple searches.

ascrion community profile
ascrion Community pages

Creating Pages, Groups and Events

For pages, groups and events we will create community-specific forms based on your needs and ideas. The content of your community is primarily generated by your members.

Pages, groups and events can be divided into different categories and individual forms can be created for each category. In this way we customise the structure and content of your online community exactly to the needs of your community members.

Intelligent Search Functions

ascrion Community has two search functions.

A powerful and easy to use search, which can be accessed in the header of each page, allows your community members to find content quickly.

In the advanced search, various search criteria can be combined smartly so that your members can easily find specific content. This avoids long and unspecific hit lists.

ascrion Community intelligent search
ascrion community timeline, news feed

Interactive Timeline

Individual timelines inform members about all activities of other community members. As soon as new pages, groups, or events are created or new media are uploaded, this is displayed on the timeline.

Members can respond directly from the timeline to contributions from other members by commenting or sharing them. This ensures that all members remain up to date.



An internal messaging system enables user-friendly communication between community members. Intuitive communication tools such as video calls, voice calls, screen sharing or text chat can be used in both bilateral and group calls.

ascrion communication, chat
ascrion Community media uploads

Media Upload

Images, videos and files can be uploaded and shared with other community members. An integrated survey tool enables you as the operator of the platform to conduct targeted and user-specific surveys at any time. 

The media uploads offered enrich the profiles, events, groups and pages, making them more interesting and meaningful.

Marketing and Sponsoring

ascrion Community enables you, as the operator, to contact community members in a targeted manner, to place advertising and to highlight specific content for specific target groups.

Furthermore, you can selectively inform all registered community members about relevant and helpful community activities by e-mail at any time.

ascrion Community marketing and sponsoring

Overview of the most important functionalities

ascrion Community features

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