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You have to cancel your event due to the Corona virus epidemic? Simply hold your event online and allow your participants to meet online. No traveling, no risk, no waste of time and money! 

ascrion Digital Events

Safe, no travelling, time & cost saving

Cancellations of onsite events are usually associated with financial losses and frustrated participants, participants who were looking forward to the presentations and meeting friends and new potential business partners onsite.

ascrion can help to significantly reduce the negative effects of an event cancellation by enabling you to organise your conference online.

With ascrion Digital Events, all presentations of your event can be held live in ssl-secured online conference rooms. Our download-free application allows everyone to participate without any problems. ascrion´s Digital Event technology can be used easily without any special technical knowledge, additional technologies or IT experts.


ascrion provides everything you need to hold a successful online conference including e-payment, webinar technology and online B2B partnering technology.


Offer your participants an alternative with ascrion Digital Events!


And this is how it works!

How it works

With ascrion Digital Events, you combine an online B2B partnering technology with an online conference program and thus enable your participants to network efficiently in bilateral discussions and benefit from your exciting online lecture program.

ascrion online B2B partnering - the simple way to find and meet business partners.

Your participants

  1. register on your digital event platform,

  2. describe themself, their organisation and offers,

  3. specify times when they are available for meetings,

  4. search suitable meeting partners and send them meeting requests,

  5. will be informed of the meeting date and time once their meeting is automatically scheduled,

  6. can invite up to 4 additional experts for free to their online meeting to ensure that all the expertise they need is present in their first meeting,

  7. communicate via chat, audio and video in the online meeting room, can upload presentations and show their screens via our download-free screen sharing technolgy.

Online Meeting Raum_Juli_19_eng.png

The ascrion Digital Event technology, individually adapted to your needs, enables you to present your event program, news, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and supporting organisations online in a representative way! 


The bilateral B2B partnering meetings and the live online lectures will take place using the same ascrion online meeting technology. Hence, your participants are already familiar with that technology and do not have to learn something new.


You just have to inform your participants, that your event will take place online. ascrion does the rest e.g.

  • trains your speakers so that they feel comfortable with their online presentation

  • checks all presentations and uploads them to the corresponding online lecture rooms

  • trains your employees and the moderators 

  • co-moderates your presentation sessions, if desired 

  • ensures that participants can easily access the online conference room

  • records all presentations, if desired

Online B2B Partnering

Online Conference

This is what your digital event could look like!

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Participant list













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