In einer sich zunehmend schneller wandelnden und internationaler werdenden Welt wird es zu einer immer größeren Herausforderung, potenzielle Geschäfts- und Kooperationspartner kostengünstig, schnell und effizient zu finden und zu kontaktieren. Die ascrion Networking-Technologie wird dieser Herausforderung gerecht.  Basierend auf neuesten Such-, Matchmaking- und Kommunikationstechnologien ermöglicht ascrion Ihren Veranstaltungsteilnehmern und Community-Mitgliedern eine einfache und gezielte Kontaktaufnahme mit potenziellen Partnern. Nutzen Sie die ascrion Networking-Technologie für Ihre Veranstaltung und den Aufbau Ihrer eigenen Community!

Networking is more important than ever

Establishing new business contacts in a fast-moving, international business world is an ever-greater challenge for everyone. So how do you find potential business and cooperation partners more quickly and efficiently?

ascrion has developed the solutions to meet these challenges. Based on the latest search, matchmaking and communication technologies, ascrion enables you, your event participants and network partners, to easily establish target group-specific contacts with potential business- and cooperation partners.

With ascrion networking technologies you can organise online and onsite brokerage events and build your own topic-specific online communities.

Our technologies are easy to use, cost effective and can be adapted to the needs of any topic / industry / community.



Our major goal is to assist experts in identifying, contacting and meeting potential cooperation and business partners as efficiently as possible. We have developed technologies to enable that, which are efficient, time saving and economical.

ascrion Brokerage

ascrion Brokerage & networking events

ascrion Brokerage finds the right contacts for your event participants, helps them to get in touch and to start valuable cooperation. This creates added value for you as the organiser and for your participants. ascrion Online Brokerage even enables your participants to meet potential business partners online without having to leave their office.

ascrion Digital Events


ascrion Digital Events enables you to hold your event online! Being at home your participants can follow the live presentations in your online conference rooms. In addition, participants have the opportunity to network in bilateral online meetings before, during and after your digital event. Combine networking and presentations!

ascrion Communities

ascrion Community. Interest specific network

ascrion Communities helps you to support knowledge transfer and communication in your target group. Our technology enables a meaningful presentation of expertise, interests and offers/requests of its community members. Integrated communication tools (VoIP, video calls, …) efficiently foster communications between the community members.

Succeeding in business is all about making connections 

- Richard Branson -



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